Wow, what a crazy week!

Well we got the boys picked up and brought home last Saturday. I had to work Sunday, what a miserable day that was! But, I did end up with my first couple of tomatoes, wow they were awesome!! One had a little bit of a bad end, but the chickens enjoyed fighting over the little bits I chopped it into. The rest of the week was a stressed out blur. I didn’t even get to see any fireworks this year, none, nada, zilch. I had volunteered to cover someones vacation days so after a horrible day, I had to go back 2 more times. Oh well, they at least were not quite as stressful. Very busy, but not as stressful. Eric got to be home this week. But that kinda sucked since I was in a horrible mood until nearly thursday. By then I had not been taking my allergy meds for long enough that my little allergy flare up turned into one heck of a head cold and moved its way down into my chest. I can’t remember ever going through as many boxes of tissues as I have the past 3 days. 3 boxes, a box a day! Crazy! I am hoping I am on the up swing now. Got a busy day tomorrow too. Need to make sure we get the front yard tomatoes and strawberries watered and then fill all the outdoor animal waterers. It is to be really hot tomorrow. Thankfully we got the A/C up and running Thanks to a friend of Eric & Jean’s. Hopefully I will be able to do some canning this week. I have the Meyer Lemons to work with, plus the strawberries I put in the freezer about a month ago. tomatoes will be starting soon, knowing my luck they will be going good the week of conference. Eric and Russ and the crew they work on have to go  back to Oklahoma tomorrow. They are planning on a multiweek stay, hopefully they can finish the job!?! Well, I guess I should be heading off to bed. Take some more meds and enjoy a night with the hubby before he leaves again. Hopefully the incredibly dumb, loud movie the boys are watching will be over soon so I can shoo them off to bed too!!


Long Day

It was a long day but worth it. Got the boys their supper. They all survived their first day of camp with a pretty exciting rain/lightning storm last night. Spent part of the night in the shelter there at camp. They all thought the lightning was pretty cool til it got too close! They got their fill of Bobby D’s Ribs, yogurt, smoothies, fruit, and of course Birthday Cake. Plus some little goodies to snack on later. Hopefully they won’t have any rainstorms tonight so they can get some sleep. Christian was already talking about a project he needed to complete while he was there and Evan was needing to do CPR for swimming. Chase was quite animated. I don’t get to see him that way often, usually he is quite reserved around Aunt Erica. They get an evening off and then the big crew will be up to visit Wed. Cole and I will stay  home tho, they will have enough visitors that night.

Happy Birthday Christian!

Today is Christian’s 15th Birthday. He is away at Camp Geiger in St. Joseph this week with his brother, cousin and other scouts from his troop. I am sure they will have an AMAZING time. They always do. Cole, Tamara, and I will be headed up there later so we can take them supper. Bobby D’s. Christian wants a white cake so I will get to making that when my butter finishes softening up. Not that it will take too long, the house is kinda warm. It got hot yesterday, but we are getting closer to July so that is to be expected. Christian gets to be the photographer this week at camp, Eric has done it in the past, but couldn’t attend this year. I hope Christian has a WONDERFUL Birthday. He is such a neat kid and makes me very proud to be his mom!

Cherry Jam

Got the last of the Cherry Jam made this morning. 2 pints, 3 1/2 pints and then one little 4 oz jar. I am going to work on some Cherry Jelly later, need a little more juice, but I should be able to get a couple of jars. I am going to work on canning beans here in a little while. This is my 1st forray in to bean canning. TJ did it and said it was pretty easy, so I shouldn’t have any problems. I hope. Found a couple of bags of dried beans in the cupboard yesterday so the black beans are the first to tempt fate. I thought I had some canneli beans too, I just haven’t found them yet. If all goes well then I will work on the pinto beans that I found later and hopefully find the canneli beans so I can get them processed as well. Better get off to work on the canning. Mom needs some boy muscles later this am so I need to get the boys over to her house. Plus I am sure Tamara wants to go back to Jeans and this way it will save her a trip out here. Eric does need me to run an errand for him, so even tho I didn’t plan on going to town today, it looks like it is a good thing I am.

Cover Girl

 I had this great opportunity to be a part of the CoverGirl Bzzcampaign. I love CoverGirl.  I have never had a problem with any of thier products. They always have something new. They have this fun game on Facebook that looks like it changes every month with great FREE product as prizes! Have to love that!

Crazy Weather

Ok I am sooo tired of this crazy weather we have been having. I am tired of power outages, rain, wind, and thunder. I know we need the moisture, I would just be happier if it was a little less dramatic around here. At least it is going to cool down. I can get the last of my Cherry Jam made. Which was INCREDIBLE!! I opened a little jar yesterday and almost completely finished it myself. We also got our Vermont Peanut Butter today. I love the Chocolate one, boys weren’t too sure about the crunchy banana that they tried, but they are not used to REAL peanut butter or chunky peanut butter. We were a smooth peanut butter family, but I do see that changing.

Chicken D-Day

Well we are off to butcher some more chickens with the Babb’s. Eric may get to join us for awhile on this adventure too. Russell is bringing Tamara and we are meeting at the Babb’s. Christian is quite excited to be getting rid of the “mean” chickens today. So we will be canning chickens later today. Tomorrow has a much more pleasant activity planned. We are going to go pick cherries at an orchard near my sister’s house. I am super excited. I can’t wait to have a ton of sour cherries to work with. My sour cherry jelly did not last long enough last year so I am going to make sure I make more this year. Well we best be off. 13 chickens isn’t a lot, but it still is some work to do.

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