Happy Holidays

Well, my week vacation is nearly over. Have to work at the nursing home this weekend, but I did get to have Christmas off. So that was super cool. The boys had lots of fun, loved their gifts. The Kindle Fires and the iPod Touch haven’t had much downtime since Christmas morning. We were able to totally shock LC with a Letterman’s Jacket. Momo, Mufa, and Nana all helped pitch in and we were able to get it in before Christmas. Now, as LC puts it, it just needs to get cold enough to wear it. Who would have thought it would be nearly 60* around Christmas? Cole decided he needed his own room, so we did some rearranging upstairs and made it happen. He now has the coolest pad in the house thanks to the claw foot tub turned reading/relaxing area. Plus we got rid of about a dozen boxes of out grown, unloved shoes, clothes, and other misc. items. Now, just need to work a little more on the down stairs. Man we are all somewhat pack rats! Guess I know my New Year’s Resolution. De-cluttering will be priority #1.