What a Week!!!!

Well what a week!! We have done LOTS of canning with the cooler weather. Got the big boys started off to school. Mom got to start school too, at least for a few days and then I will get a little bit of a last huzzah before buckling down and getting back into the swing of things, school, work, scouts, football and everything else. Eric and Russ have been working in OK. They are beginning to think that OK is not real conducive to a full work week. The project this week took longer than anticipated due to the weather. But LORD knows we needed the rain and I am sure OK did too.

Canning this week has been wonderful. All of the boys have been great helps. I just hope that this is a skill they will continue as they get older. We did peaches, peach puree, & tomatoes early in the week, and then today did peach jam, green beans, and tomatoes. We are doing a good job getting a nice little stockpile going for winter. I think the peach puree will make awesome fruit roll ups! We have also been dehydrating the little onions from the garden, I think we are going to get the last of them on the dehydrator tonight.

Christian and Evan started school this week, much to their dismay. But it’s been ok. Christian has a good friend or two in each class, he has decided that AP Chemistry isn’t going to be quite as horrible as he thought. He has 5 AP/Honors classes this year. And that is only because the non AP/Honors classes he is taking don’t have the availability.  He is really excited about his American History class, he can get college credit for that one, he says his teacher is so Cool! Evan is making new friends and is loving school too. They are set up on a block schedule just like the HS so he had Red Day and Black Day. He seems to be adjusting fine. Both boys can’t wait till football practice starts Monday. Evan right after school and Christian has 2 a days next week, but they are later in the evening. I think they give them a couple of hours to go home, do some school work before coming back, since they are there rather late. So it will be late nights for us next week. Thank goodness Cole isn’t in school yet, will be a little easier for him that way. I guess I better plan ahead for supper next week. We will need to eat in town since they will be late nights. Need to get back in the menu planning thing.

Well, I have to work tomorrow. So I need to get things finished up and get the boys lined up for tomorrow. We will have another busy week next week too.


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