Busy Weekend

Well it looks like we will have a quite busy weekend ahead. Nana’s AC fan motor went out last night, so Eric & Cody are trying to find one for her so they can get her AC going. Found some wonderful peaches when we took the boys in to mow at Momo’s this morning. They need a couple of days yet and then we are making jam, jelly, and maybe some peach sauce. I am thinking that peach would be an AWESOME base for fruit leather. My goal this summer/fall to get some fruit sauces made so we can do quick and easy fruit leather. I think that would be great lunchbox fillers, snacks for bus rides for games ect. Cole wants to play soccer this fall, so we will try that out too.  Man it looks like I am going to be  busy. I am really hoping LC will just get Varsity for FB, I know a long shot, but really 2 games a week just for him? Don’t know if I can handle all that!!!! Once we get back to town I am going to call and see if we can go and pick green beans at an orchard. Know the boys aren’t too impressed, made them mow at 8 AM so they wouldn’t be mowing in the heat. LC asked, “why would we pick green beans this afternoon? It’s HOT!” I know, but in theory they should pick faster! Don’t you think? Anyway, I did promise them Apple Cider Slushies if they did a good job, heck, even if they don’t do a good job they will probably still get the slushies, never seem to leave the orchard with out everyone getting one anyways. I am on a quest for green beans. I LOVE fresh canned green beans. We looked at the farmers market, but were kinda late getting there and we didn’t see any. There was a TON of Wonderful looking tomatoes. We are still getting a few, and still have some ripening on Momo’s table, so I didn’t get any. I am hoping that once the HEAT WAVE leaves the tomato plants will kick it up a notch. I have a TON of blossoms still setting on. TJ has done a wonderful job keeping them alive this summer in this heat. I also need to look for a microwave when we go back to town. I had picked one out the other day, one that would fit my DCB. Went to get it today with my muscle men, and guess what, they didn’t have any. Just my luck. I swear there were 7 of them there the other day. Oh well I guess if I  have to wait till I go to Topeka and get one there I will. I need to get some lunch box stuff up to my sister and go to Sam’s to get some scripts filled anyways. Looks like a busy week before the big boys start school. Wonder what CA will think about it being just him & mom again for a while???



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