Summer Canning

Well I have been busy canning this week. Tomatoes and pickles. Eric said the pickles turned out good. The last batch of my tomatoes are still going. Will have ended up with 22 pts for the week. Not bad considering the heat and the chickens. I picked a few more greenish tomatoes today from the plants. Hoping that if I set them out to ripen at moms that will lessen the load on the plants with this heat and allow them to keep growing and producing. We did have some pretty tiny Brandywine. Cole was calling them midgets. The boys are really beginning to get this canning thing down. Christian is the bomb. Tonight he finally figured out how tight to get the bands on. I think he was afraid that he would get them too tight. Our jars are nice & colorful. I got some yellow tomatoes this year and the ones that are called Pineapples have really done well. Since I am lazy and want to spend as little time in the hot kitchen we have been canning the all the tomatoes together. I really like the look of them in the jars when they are done. Very pretty. I did save a big Brandywine to eat. Need to find some black rye bread, or make some. I have a real craving for a black rye & tomato sandwich. Now the boys would defiantly not approve, but they don’t know what they are missing. I don’t remember ever not liking tomatoes, so this crazy fetish the boys have about not liking tomatoes is driving me nuts! They pour ketchup on everything. Oh well they say you have to eat something multiple times to really enjoy it, so I guess I will keep plugging along on the tomatoes with the boys. They are sooooooo good this year. I wish I had more to preserve. Need to be getting some peaches. I am wanting to make some jam and then can some too. They always taste so much better when we can get them fresh.


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