Wow, what a crazy week!

Well we got the boys picked up and brought home last Saturday. I had to work Sunday, what a miserable day that was! But, I did end up with my first couple of tomatoes, wow they were awesome!! One had a little bit of a bad end, but the chickens enjoyed fighting over the little bits I chopped it into. The rest of the week was a stressed out blur. I didn’t even get to see any fireworks this year, none, nada, zilch. I had volunteered to cover someones vacation days so after a horrible day, I had to go back 2 more times. Oh well, they at least were not quite as stressful. Very busy, but not as stressful. Eric got to be home this week. But that kinda sucked since I was in a horrible mood until nearly thursday. By then I had not been taking my allergy meds for long enough that my little allergy flare up turned into one heck of a head cold and moved its way down into my chest. I can’t remember ever going through as many boxes of tissues as I have the past 3 days. 3 boxes, a box a day! Crazy! I am hoping I am on the up swing now. Got a busy day tomorrow too. Need to make sure we get the front yard tomatoes and strawberries watered and then fill all the outdoor animal waterers. It is to be really hot tomorrow. Thankfully we got the A/C up and running Thanks to a friend of Eric & Jean’s. Hopefully I will be able to do some canning this week. I have the Meyer Lemons to work with, plus the strawberries I put in the freezer about a month ago. tomatoes will be starting soon, knowing my luck they will be going good the week of conference. Eric and Russ and the crew they work on have to go  back to Oklahoma tomorrow. They are planning on a multiweek stay, hopefully they can finish the job!?! Well, I guess I should be heading off to bed. Take some more meds and enjoy a night with the hubby before he leaves again. Hopefully the incredibly dumb, loud movie the boys are watching will be over soon so I can shoo them off to bed too!!


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