WOW, What a Day!!

Today was super busy. Cole got to go on a train ride for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. They got lunch and everything, he had a blast! He even took some pictures of Reading. The big boys had physicals for Camp and sports so they didn’t get to go on the train ride. But both are cleared to go  to camp as well as play sports. I am sure that will make Coach Delany very happy since he is really putting Christian through the paces at camp this week. Christian says he asks him what he is to do for what play and Christian tells him what his role is, that earns him “I love this Kid!” every time. Christian is still pretty much offence only, but he is bouncing back and forth from Right to Left. Of course Eric thinks that there is some Friday night playing time coming for him this year. I guess we will have to wait and see. This football schedule is crazy! It will drive me nuts before the summer is over. He has 1 more day of this mini camp at the high school followed by 2 days of camp at ESU. Then we get almost a week off before he starts weights.

Our little chicks are getting out and exploring, the big ones we got from Noral tend to be a little more aggressive than our originals. Some of the little ones are really getting big, but we do have some that are bigger breeds  than what we had last year. I am still hoping only 1 of Cole’s Houdan’s is a rooster. I am pretty sure one of the Silver Laced Polish Crested is a rooster. They are getting so pretty, their top feathers have really started to stand out this week.

Well I better head to town to get LC, Eric is on his way home from Pittsburg, so he won’t be able to get him. He won’t get home till late late tonight. Have to work at the nursing home tomorrow.


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