Super Bowl Sunday

Going to watch the Superbowl at Nana’s this afternoon. Have to get the pinewood Derby track taken to the community building and set up so we will be ready for the race. Need to get a little grocery shopping done, not sure what we are going to take for the dinner. Veggie tray for sure, but not sure about anything else. No real theme this year, so that is ok, do need to make a dessert of some kind and then the main dish and that is all I am going to do. Cole has to finish his car, we got him this really cool stick on design for it, I am anxious to see if it works. Hope so since there won’t be time to paint it if it doesn’t. Eric is trying to kill the shredder. Guess we will see if he succeeded. The chickens are happy, I actually let them out yesterday and today. I made them stay in the coop when it was soo cold and snowy. Need to get out there and clean it out a bit, The weather is fairly nice right now so I should take advantage of it. I  think I will work on coping recipes into HomeCookin while we are at Nana’s. I’m going to take in stuff to make supper so we can eat there, but since I am not really interested in the football game and Eric is I think I will take the computer and work on something else.  Well the coop is calling so I better go get started on that so I can get things in gear and packed up ready to leave.


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