Winter Weather/Pampered Chef

I am really tired of this weather. It is still blowing but I don’t think it is really snowing any more. Went to town with Eric to get heat tape for the kitchen pipes. I didn’t leave the hot water running so the hot water pipe froze. The highway was pretty much clear all the way to Emporia. Picked up pizza while we were there. Eric capped off the hot water pipe so as long as it doesn’t leak we can leave the water on. I hope that we will be able to do that. He has to go to work early tomorrow so he can’t redo the pipes tonight. Tho it was nice to have the day off. I worked on my Pampered Chef Web Site for a little while. I think I will work on it some more tomorrow. I love this time of year. The new stuff will be available soon and I always get excited about new products. I am going to try and work on our room tomorrow. Probably put the boys to work too. Everybody was just kinda lazy today.


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